Friday, March 12, 2010

Un Giorno!

One Day!
One day till the weekend (much needed at that), and one day til we've reached baby's due date! Russ is pretty convinced that this baby is coming tomorrow...but as we all know, baby will come when baby wants to :)

As promised I have a little tutorial to share with you (the pictures aren't great...I really need a new camera...haha.)

Contour Changing Pad Cover Tutorial!

Here's what you'll need:

1 yd fabric comfy cozy fabric that is at least 44" wide. I chose flannel for the softness and durability. Most fabric is 44/45" wide, but to be on the safe side, I'd check the bolt your fabric is on to make sure. If your fabric is not at least 44" wide, get 1 1/4 yds of fabric.
Four 6” pieces of ¾ “ elastic
Sewing thread

Step 1: Prewash and iron your fabric!

Step 2: Cut out a rectangle from your fabric. Because there are different sized changing pads, be sure to measure you’re changing pad and jot down the measurements…

L + Hx2 + 4 inches
W + Hx2 + 4 inches

Most contour changing pads are approximately 16”W x 32”L x 4”H, so the piece you will cut should be 44” x 28”.

Step 3: Cut out a 6” square from each corner (the 6” measurement comes from the height of your changing pad + 2”). You can save the squares for another fun project :)

tep 4: Take the two 6” sides at the corner and pin them right sides together then sew ¼ inch seam from corner to end.

Zig zag along the edge to prevent fraying

Repeat at each corner

Step 6: Fold the edges under about a ¼ of an inch and iron. Fold ironed edges under again, about ¼ inch, then sew a ¼ inch seam around entire edge

Step 7: Take one of your 6" pieces of elastic, and fold in half. Pin the middle of it to the bottom of the corner seam you just made.

Stretch the elastic as far as you can along edge of cover and pin elastic to fabric. (when you let go, the fabric will be all bunched up. Repeat with the other side of the elastic

Step 8: Set your machine to a stretch stitch, or if you don't have that, a zig zag stitch will do just fine.

Put the pinned end of the elastic and fabric into your machine, lower the presser foot and turn the wheel to get the needle into it to hold it in place.

Now stretch the elastic all the way out so it is flush with the fabric, and hold it taught as you sew it in place.
When you're finished sewing across the entire piece of elastic, your corner should look like this...

Repeat on all 4 corners.

Voila…you’ve finished your custom changing pad cover!!

Hope this tutorial has been helpful! I'd love to see how your changing pad covers turn out!! If you're not very sew savvy, but would like a cute unique cover for your little munchkin, I'd love to make one for you! Just shoot an email to

Happy Friday my friends...Fingers crossed I won't be blogging tomorrow, and will be having a baby instead ;)


jen smith said...

thank you! jeez, i have been wondering how to do that for a while now! (and you will need more than one, so i'm glad you have that covered :)
love the wall! looks great!

jill louise said...

Thanks girl!!! Yea, I have 2 now, and definitely plan on making more ;)

Laura said...

Great post!! And fingers crossed for you for tomorrow!! xoxo

julie. said...

i've also found that king sized pillow cases work really well! and they are cheap at thrift stores, so that's always fun.