Monday, March 15, 2010

And the wait continues...

As you have probably baby just yet. Russ and I have tried pretty much everything over the weekend to get this baby boy moving...but he doesn't seem that interested. Thanks to my dear friend Ms Holly, I have something else to try...Raspberry Leaf tea! Hopefully this will speed up the process...I guess we'll see!

This little boy could come any day now, so Russ and I are really trying to nail down exactly how we feel about all of those procedures hospitals have for newborns...Here's kinda what we're thinking:

Eye Ointment: Although there really isn't harm in getting the ointment (besides the fact that your little one will have goopy eyes, and may not be able to focus well at first), for us, it's just unnecessary. Eye ointment is strictly to prevent infant blindness in little ones whose mothers have tested positive for chlamydia, syphilis, or gonorrhea. So if you don't have any of those STDs, there really is no point in getting the goop.

Vitamin K: This is the one that Russ and I are still battling over. There is a rare (5 in 100,000 births) genetic disorder where bleeding in the brain can occur in newborns. Because of this, it's pretty routine for hospitals to administer a vitamin K shot within the first hours of birth. Now, it would seem like this would be a great preventative measure to take, but there are also some risks. Because the vitamin K shot that is given is so high in concentration, there have been some links to childhood cancer. The statistics on this are very low as wel, which makes the decision even harder to make. Do we get the shot to prevent a disease that little guy may not even have? Or do we not give the shot to lower his chances of childhood cancer? To add to these questions, we do plan on circumcising (which could cause this rare disease to flare up if he were to have it). However after talking to our midwife, I think we've come up with a good middle of the ground solution. As of right now, our plan is to wait until he is a week or so old before we get little man circumcised. Mavis suggested going this route for a couple reasons. First, Addi will be able to get all of the vitamin K he will need by me taking a Vitamin K supplement, and breastfeeding. This way he gets the vitamin K he needs gradually and in a smaller more manageable dose, before he gets circumcised, lowering the risk of bleeding. Also, being a first time mom, and he obviously being a first time baby (hehe), neither of us really have a clue how this whole breast feeding thing works. Mavis suggested it could be beneficial to get used to the whole breast feeding thing before introducing something traumatic such as a circumcision. Our pediatrician also does circumcisions in their office, so no worries there. So as of right now, and pending a relatively normal non-tramatic birth, that's kind of our plan on the vitamin K subject. There are lots of great resources out there though. One article I read that I thought was really fair and balanced can be found Here.

PKU Test: We are ok with doing these tests. The procedure consists of a small prick to the heel to collect a blood sample. They use that blood sample to detect conditions that can possibly be prevented or treated. Other then the pain of the prick, I haven't found any other reason to decline this procedure.

Hep B: Vanderbilt doesn't do routine Hep B shots anymore for newborns. If they did though, we probably wouldn't be doing this. It is virtually impossible for newborns to contract this disease unless their mothers are infected with the Hep B virus...and being that I'm not, I think we're in the clear here.

I think that's it on the newborn procedures at Vanderbilt. These are just our personal choices, which we are still thinking and praying about.

Would love to know your thoughts as well!


Jennifer said...

I hope your baby boy makes his appearance soon!!!
We didn't do any of the eye ointments, shots etc at birth. That is absolutely amazing to hear that your hospital doesn't do routine Hep B! We had to sign a waiver etc, it was ridiculous. I find it crazy it's required at birth here when in Canada it's not even recommended until teen years! Just do all your research and come up with what feels the best to you guys!!!
I hope you have a beautiful and happy labor!

julie. said...

just so you do know, we were lectured a couple times at vanderbilt by their staff (not the midwives) about the hep b shot...just be ready to stand your ground and they will leave you alone about it.

julie. said...

and we also had to sign the waiver.

The Kimbles said...

jill, we opted out of all of the above, minus the PKU testing, which you said was fairly harmless. we were getting a hard time about the vitamin k (even though archer was "left intact" we opted for him to get oral vitamin k...which he instantly spit up (THANK GOD because i immediately wished we wouldn't have done it)! I wish we would have known about the option to get it later, although i think we probably still would have gone the oral route-but just so you know, that is an option! and yeah, the only reason for routine hep b vaccines is the cdc attempting to eliminate hep b

jill louise said...

That's strange about the hep b shot, cause Mavis told me they don't do the hep b shot at Vandy...hmmm

Anonymous said...

we were also hassled about the hep b shot, but we just kept saying no. We signed the waiver, but the nurses and peds at Vandy acted slightly annoyed, but I was firm on it.

Genovetta said...

hey mama to be! Our lovey Ruslana did not receive any goop/pricks/shots after she was born ( c-section btw).
She has not received any immunizations at all either. She is 100% healthy, praise the lord. shes actually visited the doctor only one time since she was born! Shes 2.5 now.
Our pediatrician is amazing. He deals alot with the Amish and Mennonites in the area (who don't immunize either) hes super supportive of our decision. And since i breast fed for a whole year, she received all my immunities via breast milk.
Good to see you reviewing these things cause not all docs procedures are appropriate for all.
You guys should be receiving a package from the Fullers by the weeks end.

Wee Little House said...

Hi Jill. I think I've met you in person once or twice through friends at TVC.
I love that you guys are so aware of everything at this stage. We are pretty cautious about what we give our son, and if I had to do it over again, I probably would have waited for the vaccinations we did give Jake until he was 2 years old.
A friend of my mom's is a pediatric neurologist and he says that he would wait for vaccinations until children are at least one, preferably two. The concentration that they give is ridiculous. We had our doctor spread out the vaccinations in smaller doses, but I probably will delay everything when we have another child until they are older.

It can be a challenge to remain assertive when doctors and nurses are pushing certain things on you or saying that they are mandatory. I've had nurses look at me like I was crazy when I declined the flu shot and the chicken pox vaccination. It's crazy.