Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cuatro dias...

One more day of pregnancy completed...4 more until the due date! Countdowns can get kinda boring, so to spice it up, I'm going to start posting the days to go in different languages..ha.

I'm convinced the nursery won't ever be "finished", as I'm pretty sure I'll always be thinking of additional projects, but we are pretty darn close to being "finished" with the nursery, so I decided to fill all of you lovely people in on our little man's first room :)

I am SO happy with how this room has evolved into what it is. Both Russ and I have put more work into just this one room then I think we've put into our whole house in the almost 2 yrs we've lived here...ha.

So without further a due, my little virtual tour of the nursery...
Hope you like it!

We just finished the nest lamp last night, and it turned out more perfect then I could have imagined. We made the decision to put a string of Christmas lights in the shade for some soft night time lighting. It's so sparkly, and the shadows it casts at night are amazing! I found a DIY tutorial on creating these cute nest like shades on Craftynest.com. It's actually a rather simple process, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I started my first shade almost a year ago. I never actually finished it because I ran out of hemp, and then the ball I used to wrap the hemp had deflated, and we had to throw it out...ha. However, this time around the shade was completed in just a couple days, and I'm so happy with how it just pulls the room together!

I found this little bedside table at the Goodwill Outlet for $3!!! Slap a coat of paint on it, and a cute little knob from anthropologie, and voila! The paint color was a total experiment. We have tons of 1/2 cans of paints from painting rooms and what not...so to save a little moola, we decided to combine some colors, and this is what we got! It wasn't exactly the color I was going for, but I love it!

I decidede to made a couple different pillows for the chair cause I wasn't really feeling the initial one. And there's that baby blanket I finished at 4am yesterday morning...haha.

The tree stump ottoman continues to be one of my favorite pieces about the room. Thanks hubs for such a great idea!!!

I made the curtains out of a pretty little fabric from Heather Bailey. Please go check out her fabric...it'll brighten your day for sure!

We were on a pretty tight budget for this room, so we decided to utilize some pieces we already had around the house. Russ found this amazing wooden bench awhile ago. We LOVE rustic wood pieces, and I love it even more in the context of this room! I also love having this vintage style record player along with our record collection on display. Russ and I have a true love and passion for music, and we plan on sharing that love with our little one as much as possible. The blocks were made by my good friend Jenny of Liberty and Lace...are they not the cutest?!

This wall is was the very first project Russ and I completed for the nursery. I love that while sitting in the rocker, this is what I'm looking at! Russ did an amazing job on the tree murals, and of course the crib just makes it perfect! The drawers under the crib are filled with toys and other various treasures our little one will surely be getting in to one day. Each drawer has felt on the bottom for easy sliding, while still protecting our floors!

You've already seen these, but I couldn't help but do another close up...Love these birds!

Addison's little buddies! I can't wait to see Addi running around dragging these little guys behind him :)

This is the wall that still puzzles me. I'm trying my hardest to figure out what to do with that wall!! Until I figure it out, it'll just have to do as is.

I really wanted something bright, cheery and soft for the changing pad cover, but couldn't find a thing that would do...so I made one :) (I plan on posting a tutorial on how to create your own changing pad cover soon!).

I love Terrariums, and have been wanting to make one for FOREVER! I finally did it, and now I want to have them all over my house! haha. The little wooden birds are from West Elm, I want these all over my house as well.

This is little buddie's reading nook! He's got his books, a nice cushy pillow, and a little buddy to read to. The only thing missing is our sweet boy!

Another of Russ' contributions to the nursery is this AMAZING A he designed and made! Seriously...how lucky am I that I have a husband who loves to create just as much as I do?! He is so talented, and this A couldn't be more perfect! The idea for the book shelf display came off of a post on Ohdeedoh (a daily read for me for the last few months). I just thought it was such a fun way to display our little book collection.

So I ended up just redoing the turtle head, and per my lovely sister's suggestion, put a couple eyes on him :)

And this concludes the tour of Addison Nolan Hickman's room.
Now all we need is a baby!!!

39 weeks and 3 days...can't wait to finally meet you my sweet little man!!!


Sigrid said...

Jill, the nursery is seriously amazing! (and so is your belly!) You need to submit these nursery photos to ohdeedoh.com! :)

Doody Mac said...

It's wonderful!! So beautiful, so calm, so perfect for a boy. I love every single detail. Great job.

P.S. You look amazing and not at all like you're about to have him. Good grief.

Farrar Four said...

I love the nursery! It's so fun watching you on this journey. I"m due in 2 weeeks so I can relate to your excitement, anticipation, and planning! :)

Congrats on the little one and good luck in the coming days!


Colleen said...

Jill this is SO perfect I don't know where to start. The nest lamp is very beautiful, I can't wait to see it in person and ask you about how you made it, but we'll probably be too busy oohing and ahhing over the baby when I see you next ;) I have always wanted to make/ have a stump ottoman, I just love that! And that A... nice job Russ! So impressed. BABYYYYYYY!

chelsea {oh, my deer!} said...

i just got so teary reading through this post! i can't wait to meet sweet addison and to watch you grow as a wife, a woman and a mom! you're going to be the best. :)

Dale . Val . Cruz said...

I am now a huge fan of yours!! I saw your husbands post on FB. I went to high school with Russ. I love your work, so cute!!!

Micaela said...

your nursery is GORGEOUS!!!! i just saw your video on your husband's page (we went to school together) and am in love with it! I wanted to share it on my blog but i figured that might be a little weird ha but this nursery is beautiful!!! i love the vintage touch and that tree stump ottoman!!!

i really adore your blog and think you're just beautiful!

so i will forgo sounding weird and send this off anyway :)


ps. CONGRATS to you all!!!