Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deux jours!

Ok folks, we're getting REALLY close to this baby's due date...just 2 days! I went and saw Mavis, our midwife, this morning, and everything is looking great! I'm measuring at 40 weeks, baby boy is still "in position" and his little heart beat is just where it should be (I just love the sound of his little thumping heart!). Only bummer is that there is no!! Now, I know that's just information, and anything can happen, but I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed about the news. On an encouraging note, my dear sister Tamara called me right before my appointment to tell me that even if I'm not dialated, anything can happen. With her little boy Drew, she wasn't dialated at all when she went to her last appointment before her due date, and then went into labor the very next day! That's definitely what I'm going for...I've got my fingers crossed ;)

My top 5 reasons for wanting to go into labor this weekend are...

1.) I'm dying to see what this little man looks like, and hold him, kiss him, and love on him!!!

2.) I just want to get the whole labor and delivery over with! ha.

3.) I feel like I'm in a holding pattern in my life right now...I'm ready to get into a routine with this little nugget.

4.) Our midwife is actually on call this weekend...I would LOVE for Mavis to be able to deliver our baby!!

5.) I'm sick of not being able to feel my fingers! ha.

So, I think I've mentioned in the past that I've been obsessing over the silliest things, like the nursery and what to bring our little guy home in. Well, the nursery is done (woohoo!), with the exception of the space above the changing dresser. But we've finally decided what we're doing there and that will hopefully be finished today or tomorrow. I also have picked out little man's going home outfit...

I'm super into stripes and nautically (don't think that's really a word, but I'm goin with it) looking things these days, if you can't tell. I found the uber cute hoodie at BabyGap...on sale!! Then we have his little anchor onesie I made using a freezer paper stencil, some super comfy knit pants, and of course navy and lime green button loafers :) This outfit says, "I'm a sailor, and I like to be comfy"...haha. (wow, I'm ridiculous)

Have any of you pregger mommies been obsessing or have obsessed about little things like a going home outfit?! Please tell me that I'm not crazy!!

Happy Thursday!


jen smith said...

you're not crazy!!! it is definitely fun. before i had nola, when i asked, the nurse tried to tell me that i COULD bring clothes for her to wear while at the hospy (and home), but that i "probably wouldn't want to." to which i replied, "have we met?!" of course we care!!!
that outfit is perfect! he will be so precious.

Anonymous said...

jill...we had an outfit for everyday and pj's for every night while at the hospital...and it took some time to pick and pair my favorites!

amanda said...

Oh that is so sweet! I love the outfit, and I don't think your crazy for it. I've not had a baby yet, nor am I married... but Lord knows when that happens, I'll do the exact same thing. Congrats and God bless you and your family AND your soon coming sweet baby boy.