Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drei Taga

Anyone guess what language that is?! If you said're right! ha. When we were given the choice to pick what language we wanted to learn in Junior High, I picked German...what was I thinking?!?! I mean, if you love the language, all the more power to you, but unless you plan on moving over there one day, or you have German heritage, it's kinda useless. Looking back I wish I would have taken French! It's such a romantic, beautiful language! Or maybe even Italian. Although, I don't really think they offered that at my school. Oh well, such is life.

So we're just 3 days away from Addison's due date!! I have an appointment with our midwife tomorrow morning, and we'll see if there is any dialation. Man I really hope there is, cause I am definitely ready for this little bean to get here!! We packed up our hospital bag last night, which makes this whole thing even more real. AND I've been having dreams about breastfeeding...haha. Addi wasn't taking to it very well...I really hope that's just me being worried, and not an actual prediction of what's to come!

That's it for this dreary Wednesday morning, but I shall not least we're in the 60's!!

PS - Love these babies, and their mommas...

Grace Anne Verne

Londyn Zoe Thrasher

Boone Christian Zuehlke


hannah pritchard said...

i love this post jill. so exciting! I am so happy you are about to get that boy outta there! I bet he is ready to see his beautiful momma! You are just glowing! Happy to see you in the season! love and prayers from us! Let me know if you need anything deary!

morganplex said...

Aww! Boone made it in your post! I feel so special :)

Each of those babies have fantastic and unique names. I love them!

We're so excited for you guys!

julie. said...

i had tons of breast feeding dreams right before ivy was born...usually i was feeding someone else's kid, though! just one of the many crazy tricks those hormones play on us. so excited for you! love the updates!

Dawn Dudley said...

boone is my top boy name!! hopefully it will be my little boy next!! im so glad we made the list and we love you too! cant wait to see this sweet little boy you've been carrying around!

Elizabeth said...

Aww, I see my sweet baby's face up there. You are so close, Jill! It's nice that you have such a good attitude right now, I know this can be the most trying and difficult part of the whole pregnancy. I'll be praying for you!