Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm totally going to be that mom...

...and post a bunch of pictures that I think are really cute of my little guy...hehe

Here in the Hickman household...we're pretty big fans of Hockey. It's been pretty exciting watching the Nashville Predators make franchise history by making it to round 2 of the playoffs! Sadly, their Stanley Cup dreams were dashed with the loss of last night's game...but we're still very proud of them! During the playoffs, the Preds have been hosting a pre-game party in the square outside of the Arena. Very randomly, Russ got asked to play in a Drumline that played during the party. So last night we packed up and ventured downtown to watch Daddy play.

I know I'm incredibly biased, but I'm pretty sure he was the cutest Preds fan out there....

(The shorts are my creation, suspenders from H&M)

He had SO much fun!! I loved watching him walk around, taking in all the sights and sounds. And of course he LOVED the drums. I don't know what it is about drums...but boys just seem to love em!

It's not even over yet, but I cannot wait til Hockey season this coming fall!!

On another note...THE CICADAS ARE HERE!! They're gross, and fly around everywhere...when will they go away?!