Monday, March 8, 2010


I was planning on continuing my countdown over the weekend, but it was just so beautiful warm and sunny outside here in Nashville, there was no way I could allow myself to stay indoors.

So here we are at 5 days away from our due date!!! I know it's not probable that this baby will make his way into this world in 5 days, but I still cannot believe how close we are getting to little man being here!! At church yesterday I kept thinking "How crazy is it that this time next week, I may not be pregnant anymore?!". It's such a crazy feeling but I am definitely ready for our little boy to get here!

I had another insomnia filled night last night (up from about 12a - 4:30a this morning...ugh). My mind was just racing about anything and everything baby, including imagining all of the inconvenient place my water could possibly break...ha. I have such a wild imagination. I totally imagined taking a walk on my lunch break from work and my water breaking while I walked down the sidewalk. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! haha! I've decided that I'm going to stock both of our cars with towels, just in case something unfortunate like that actually happens.

At about 2:30a, and my eyes wide awake, I figured I might as well be productive, so I tip toed myself to the couch and finally finished that baby blanket I've been painstakingly working on for the last few weeks! It's a little smaller...partially because I want to use it as a stroller/car seat blanket, but also because my poor fingers just couldn't take the beating. I'm so glad to have it finished though! I still need to make him a couple pairs of baby booties to bring him home in...I'm truly shocked I haven't made him a pair yet! Oh yea, and I should have pictures for all of you of the finished nursery this week! Just a couple last minute finishing touches, and we're done!

I meant to post a picture of the belly this morning...but for some reason my computer decided it wanted to delete them, and me being the absent minded person that I have been the last few weeks, deleted them off of my camera...ugh! So you'll just have to imagine what I look like these's quite the site. The belly continues to just get bigger and bigger, and surprisingly my legs are staying about the same. Russ says I look like an orange on a toothpick...ha. I'll post something for you as soon as I get a chance and you can be the judge :)

Happy Monday!


the berres said...

hi jill. valerie smith's sister in law again. put some maxi pads in both your cars (and in your purse) if you are worried about your water breaking. that would help. i felt the same way...imagined my water would break while teaching high school students! but it didnt, actually my water broke on the toilet. so glad i found your blog, love reading it.

The Davis Family said...

Hey girl! I know exactly how you are feeling right now. I remember not getting any sleep for about the last month of my pregnancy. In fact, I often tell people that I got more sleep AFTER Ella was born than I did while I was pregnant. Try not to stress about your water breaking. It is actually not as common as you would think for your water to break before you are in labor. The doctor actually broke mine at the hospital. Needless to say, if it does happen, you won't care. You will just be concerned about delivering that sweet baby! My thoughts and prayers are with you guys!