Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby Day...

So...we've reached the end of the countdown, and still no baby :(

All good though. Little Addi will get here whenever he decides it's time...let's just hope it's sooner rather then later...ha.

Hope you guys are getting a chance to relax this weekend!


Farrar Four said...

Thinking about you! I know you are ready! I have 1 week left...and I"M READY so I know you are! Best wishes and can't wait to hear all about your new little treasure whenever he decides to come!

PS- I found your blog through Brooke (Reese & Zoes mom)- she is my bff! She got me a pair of crochet booties that are in our hospital bag! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

jill louise said...

Thanks girl!!! Good luck to you as well...hoping for a speedy arrival for you :)

ps - so glad you love the booties :)