Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy Bee...

I have been a busy little bee these days. So many ideas running through my head, not nearly enough time to try them all. Its so bad that I was seriously up til about 5:30am, laying in bed, just thinking about the different things I wanted to try...yea, I'm pathetic.

As little time has allowed, here are a few things I've been up to...

Most of these can be found in my etsy if you care to take a gander.

Sorry for such a short post...just wanted to let you know what I've been up to. How about you? What has your summer been looking like so far?

Hope you have a fantastic day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yesterday was little man's 3 month birthday! I feel like I say this all of the time, but holy cow...I can't believe it's been 3 months!

Over the last couple of weeks his sweet personality has been blossoming. He is such a happy, smiley, cuddly little boy...I love it. The little achievements he's been making over this past month are the highlights of my day....

He can hold his head up pretty well while on his tummy...

He continues to be obsessed with his hands, and can put his thumb in his mouth pretty much whenever he wants now. He usually only sucks on his left thumb...perhaps he will be left handed?

He has also found his toes!! He loves trying to grab em every chance he gets.

Dear Addison,
You are the sunshine of our lives. Your beaming smile is so contagious. Thank you for being such an amazing sleeper, and little buddy wherever we go. We are thankful that God choose us to be your parents, because you are such a little blessing to us. We are so excited to see you grow every day and cannot wait to see the kind of man you will be one day.
We Love You!!!
mommy + daddy

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My name is Jill, and I am a horrible blogger! haha. As I promised ages ago...here's a mini update on little mr. man.

Addison had his 2 month appointment almost 2 weeks ago. He was 13 lb 10 oz, and 24 1/2 " long, and in the 90 - 95th percentile in all measurements...I think he's gonna be big and strong just like his Daddy :)

He was totally healthy and fine at his appointment, and then came down with a really yucky wet cough the next day...UGH! Can I just say that having a sick baby is NO FUN!! On top of having a sick baby the hubs was out of town for the weekend....double NO FUN! His wet cough was soon accompanied by a runny nose. So when he wasn't any better by Tuesday, we decided to head back to the pediatrician to see what was up. Turns out he had RSV, which in adults and older children is just a cold, but in little babies, turns into something like bronchitis. His breathing had started getting shallow, so they sent us to the ER to be monitored. I wish I could say I stayed completely strong for my little man, but I was a WRECK! The drive to the ER was one of the worst, most nerve-wracking drives in my life! Our pediatrician prepared us for a possible overnight stay in the hospital, but thankfully, he bounced right back and we only stayed in the hospital for a couple hours. It took another few days or so for him to be back to himself...but he's good as new now! I'm glad to have that first sickness behind us, and I feel a little more prepared for next time!

Russ celebrated his first birthday as a Dad last week...

...and for his birthday, Bubbe (Russ' mom) sent us several outfits that were Russ' as a baby.

I absolutely LOVE this little anchor onesie!! It's still a bit big on him...but it'll be perfect for the hot summers here in Nashville.

We're all about our hands lately. Starring at them, watching them move, and stuffing them in our mouth. Every once in a while he gets a thumb, which makes Addison VERY happy.

I really hope Bubbe finds some pictures of Russ in these outfits!!

Little man continues to amaze me pretty much every day. He's so alert and studies everything and everyone he looks at. We prayed every night before he was born that we'd have a calm, happy baby...and he is just that! I see how easy it is to not get anything done these days as it's so hard to not stare at him 24/7.

Hope you're having a lovely week so far!!