Friday, April 8, 2011

First Birthday Bash!

This past Saturday, we celebrated Addison's very first birthday...Hooray! We were so happy with how the day went. We had beautiful weather, fantastic friends, some corn hole, grilling, and of course Birthday cake. I know he won't actually remember it, but I'd say he had a pretty fantastic first birthday :)

Every birthday party has to have a banner. The theme of the party was Sailing, so for the banner I decided to do bunting (can't get enough of it) I cut out little flags in various fabrics, and appliqued red felt. I wanted the bunting to be different and go along a little more with the theme, so I used large eyelets in each corner, and threaded some twine through them. We didn't get a good picture of the banner at the park, so I took one in our backyard instead...hehe.

Addison's fleet of cupcakes! I must admit, I was pretty pleased with myself when this idea sprung into my head. I had so much fabric left over from the bunting, and wanted to do something with it...cut out a few triangles, glue a toothpick inbetween, and Voila...cupcake ships!

Russ made fun of me for making him one, but I love how his birthday hat turned out. I made a couple, and this was by far my fav. As far as the smash cake...I'm not a baker, nor am I cake decorator, but at least I tried ;)

Trying on his birthday hat...look at those cheeks!!

We have the best friends and family!

A little corn hole action...

And some grilling...

lots of kiddos....

and birthday smooches....

Addison absolutely LOVED being sung to. His face just lit up with all of the attention on him.

And then there was the cake. This was his very first bites of cake and icing, and just plain old sugar...
...I'm pretty sure he liked it.
And that was Addison's first birthday bash!
Thanks to our good friend Mark for taking pictures for us! You're the best!