Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I love DIY

I've been itching at my desk of late, longing to get out of my little cubby and go create! I have so many ideas swirling around in my head, and I'm determined to try every one of them. Inspired by Design*Sponge's DIY series...I've decided to share my own DIY projects with all of you beautiful people.

First project...a case for my jewels:

Things you'll need:

Unfinished wooden shadow box: I purchased my box at Michaels craft store
Fabric: You'll need a swatch that is 1.5 inches larger (on all 4 sides) then your shadow box
Stain/Paint : I used Miniwax's stain/poly eurothane combo in Antique Walnut
Paint Brush
Cork Board: it may be difficult to find a cork board that will fit inside of the shadow box. I bought cork board squares and cut them to fit.
Push Pins
Drawer Pull/Knob: I purchased mine from Anthropologie's lovely collection
Spray Adhesive
Painter's Tape
Screw Driver
E6000 or other strong permanent adhesive
Foam Brush

Step 1: Prepare your shadow box
Carefully remove hinges from the shadow box, and place in a safe place. Using the painter's tape, line the window pane so that your stain/paint won't damage the glass

Step 2: Paint/Stain You Box
Set up your area, making sure to cover all areas with a drop cloth or plastic (don't want to ruin your stuff!). Following the manufacturer's instructions, paint or stain your box. Be sure to cover all sides. It is not necessary to cover the base of the box, as you'll be covering it with the fabric and cork board. I did 2 coats of the Antique Walnut stain and although not perfect, I think it looks just fabulous. I think I'd like to do another box, but next time painting it in a fabulous hi-gloss paint.

When the the stain/paint is dry, remove your painter's tape from the glass. Some of the stain made it's way through my tape, so I used a razor blade to remove the bits of dried stain.

Step 3: Preparing the Cork Board and Fabric
As I mentioned above, it may be difficult to find a cork board big enough to cover the inside of the shadow box. I cut my cork board squares (with a rotary cuter) to fit with a little room on each side taking into account that you will be covering the cork board.

Next, iron your fabric out so it is nice and smooth. With right side facing down, spray the wrong side of fabric with spray adhesive, and place your cork board pieces on top as centered as possible and press into place. Next, fold each side of remaining fabric to the cork board one side at a time.

With your permanent adhesive and your foam brush, paint a layer of glue onto the bottom of your shadow box.

Insert your fabric covered cork board and press firmly.

Step 4: Attaching the knob
This step is a bit tricky. Because the frame of the shadow box is not very thick, I needed to cut the stem of the knob down. I used a pair of wire cutters and it did the job fine. Next, measure half the distance of the long side of the frame (the side opposite to where the hinges are connected), and mark with a pen. To drill the hole for your knob, I found it best to use a self-drilling hook (like one you would use to hang a plant from on your porch) instead of an actual drill. That way you have more control, and can feel when you're getting close to the other side of the frame. Once you've drilled your hole and unscrewed the hook, screw your knob in to the hole.

Step 5: Putting the pieces together
Just a couple more things to do before you're all done.
Re-attach the the hinges to your box and frame. Make sure you have the hinges going in the right direction. First time I put the hinges back on,they were all wrong...lesson learned. haha.

Next, place your push pins wherever you'd like!

I like using push pins with the cork board because you can change the push pins positions if you need to.

Voila! You have a beautiful piece to showcase your jewelry

Besides the drying time...this project took me a couple afternoons to complete. I hope this little tutorial has been helpful...I'd LOVE to see pictures if you decide to try this one out!

Happy Crafting!

I have such talented friends...

I truly have some of the most talented friends. I thought I'd post some of my favorites, from my favorite ladies...enjoy!

Miss Eloise

Pearl Essence
{ by Kari Beth}

Lois and Clark
{by Liberty and Lace}

Marigold Vintage Band
{by Say Ooh}

Bees and Seashells purse
{by Magpie and Birdie}

{Rachel Arnold}
Here's to a terrific tuesday!

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'd love to...

be sitting here...

Looking at these...

While eating this...

Just a few viewpoints from my camera lens.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

straight chillaxin...

need i say more?

picnics, movies, and friends

It's days like yesterday that remind me of how incredibly blessed I am. For my birthday, Russ and I and some other great friends headed to Centennial Park for their Movies in the Park series. Last night's feature...BATMAN! (the Tim Burton version). The lovely Katie Davies made ice cream cone cupcakes for the gathering. Thanks to everyone that came out to make my day so special!
{Brittany, Nathan, & Katie}

{new friends Sarah & Daron}

{The Always delightful Peanut}

{Katie & Roger Bell}

{the handsome hubs and I}
I love my life!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The parentals...

Russ and I are getting ready to host his parents this weekend. In preparation I took it upon myself to bathe our lovely kitty cat for the first time since we got her a couple months ago. I was a bit nervous, but we both made it out alive...Marley all clean, and me unscathed!
I've never bathed a long-hair feline before...she was quite a site when i let her loose...haha.

We have 2 clean babies now (Jakers got a bath as well)...and 2 to go before the parents get here tonight. Can I just tell you how lucky I am that I actually enjoy the company of my in-laws. They are the best and I couldn't ask for a pair of in-laws more wonderful then Chuck & Judi!

This weekend is also Father's day! I believe this is the first time I've gotten a Father's day gift out in time for my dear old dad...I'm pretty proud of myself. Dad's are so difficult to create for. With mom's all you need to do is make something and they love it just because you made it. I think Dad's do too...but they aren't quite as enthusiastic. I wish I could say that I came up with some amazing creative gift, but alas, i did not. Instead I bought him a copy of Blue Like Jazz. Gosh...that is such a great book, and I Highly recommend it!

I did have one attempt of creativity for the dads...I made them cards. The first is for my dad, whom we lovingly call Daddio, and the second for Russ' dad, whom to the grandkids is known as Bops.

I have limited knowledge of photoshop...but i think i do ok ;)

What is everyone else up to this weekend? Father's Day? I hope whatever you do, your weekend is everything you hope it will be!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the curious case of bees...

Bees are such interesting creatures. I've always been quite terrified of them (those little stingers hurt!), but today I just sat, admiring this little busy worker, while it polinated these beautiful golden flowers...

I wish I could have capture him with more detail; however I still have a healthy fear of them, and this is as far as my zoom would go...ha.

I finished another pair of Mary Janes today for a dear friend's mother...

I just love these little baby shoes. They are so cute and comfy...and have i mentioned they make great baby shower gifts *wink*

It's blazing hot outside...but i love it. I hope you love it to!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our first...

Baby tomato that is. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see our very first baby tomatoes sprouting in the backyard last night. It seriously made me giddy...

Isn't she a beaut?! I cannot wait to harvest lovely roma tomatoes from this little plant. The man at home depot said we could get up to 40 tomatoes off just this one. Who knows if that'll actually happen (seeing as how this is my first tomato plant), but I'm giddy about the possibility.

I also finished a new bunny for our precious little niece Layla-Grayce

{this picture kills me everytime...haha}

Layla-Grayce is such a sweet little girl. I cannot wait to send this new little bunny (that i'm calling ms. layla) to her.

These little bunnies have been so much fun to make! My next endeavor are elephants for the little nephews...can't wait to finish one and show all of you!

And on a sad note...I fear that movies in the park will be cancelled again this week. I know that rain is good and makes things grow and all...but would it hurt to rain on a Monday instead? I mean...we'll be inside watching the bachelorette anyways!!!

Well...I hope you've been having a fabulous week so far! Happy hump day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can I please live here?

The lovely folks over at Design*Sponge posted these amazing photos of interior designer Heather Garrett's work this morning...I think I'm in love...

{ all photos via design*sponge }

Can I please live in this exquisite home...pretty please?! I love all of the feminine, rustic, elegant, and just plain perfect details. I've been day dreaming about this place all morning...

On another note, as usual I walked up to the mall to craft on my lunch break until rudely stopped by the sound of tornado sirens. Needless to say, I packed up and headed back to this lovely sight heading towards me...

The walk back was somewhat exhilerating as it got darker,cooler, and the wind kicked up. I rather enjoyed it. It looked as if impending doom and a good soaking, but thankfully, I narrowly (by mere seconds) escaped the torrential downpour that took place this afternoon and arrived back to the office mostly dry. I do hope all of you Nashvillians were kept out of harms way.

That's all I've got for today...here's to another week of summer, I hope you get the chance to take it all in! happy tuesday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

oh how i wish i were a printer...

I cannot put my thumb on it, but there is something about a letter-pressed piece of art that is so incredibly delightful. While reading one of my favorite blogs Poppytalk I came across the most amazing giveaway...
{via poppytalk}

Kelly from Paper Stories (an absolutely amazing, quaint letterpress shop) held a letterpress swap, and is now sharing her spoils with 3 lucky winners...i'm truly hoping one of them will be me :).

It was so hard to pick just 2 prints out of all of the amazing works, but here's what I chose:

Golden Folksy Floral Rosette
by Night Owl Paper Goods

{via Bon Vivant Press}

What an absolutely perfect print. The contrast of the delicate and intricate golden flower and wooden background surrounding the print are exquisite. I am currently imagining it against my grass green walls, and am in love!

Teapots & Loops
By Paper Stories

{via Bon Vivant Press}

I love the colors used in this unique and fun print. How perfect would this be for a tea party invitation for yourself or a little girl?! I just love the playfulness of it all.

Be sure to check out the giveaway at Poppytalk and all of the prints at Bon Vivant Press' flickr.
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 5, 2009

we're bringin them back...

...puzzles that is. Afters weeks of talking about them, my darling husband finally purchased for himself a puzzle!

I have a feeling this is going to take us awhile...haha.

Here's to a beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today is a great day...

...Because my best friend and love of my life was born on this day 26 yrs ago!
Happy Birthday to my handsome hubby...oh how i love him so!

Monday, June 1, 2009


We had such a fantastic time Saturday hanging out with old friend, and new ones. I'll just let the pictures do the talking...

Home Sweet Home


Foster pup Utah and Bodhi...lookin hadsome as always

relaxin a bit before bbq times


one of the cutest babies ever...and the life of the party

pretty ladies

poor Karina...Bodhi would NOT leave her alone!

Corn Hole!


Hope y'all had a great weekend!