Monday, February 1, 2010

Sneak peak!

It's feeling a little more like the city I grew up in, here in Nashville. Much to my surprise, the weather folks were actually accurate in their forecast for a snow filled weekend, which in turn allowed me to go home early late Friday morning!

This is honestly the most snow I've seen in Nashville since I moved here. I enjoyed walking around and watching sledders fly down hills, but I'm just as happy to see it melt...ha.

This was taken Friday afternoon...we got another 3-4 inches on top of this by the time it was all said and done!

So, with almost a full day off, Russ and I got to working on baby boys' room!! I worked on some sewing and knitting projects (pictures to come), and Russ worked on the birch trees mural I've been telling you about.

About 7 months ago I saw this post on design*sponge. When we found out we were having a baby...I just knew I wanted to do the same thing in our little baby's room.

I'm good with textiles, but painting just really isn't my thing, so I enlisted my eager hubby Russell to do the honors and paint the birch trees!


setting up the projector...Russ randomly bought this projecter a couple years ago. Oh yea...and that's our amazing rocker we got for $30!!! It still needs a good cleaning, but I'm in love with it. It's super comfy, and both rocks and swivels! Probably one of my favorite craigs list finds ever!

Russ painstakingly drawing the trees onto the wall

...and then painting the trees with a little paint brush. Took him about 6 1/2 hrs total to get it all done! Thanks're the best!!

Daddy's little helper :)

Drum roll please.....

I seriously could not be happier with how the mural turned out!! We were a bit nervous about the paint colors (cause the accent color didn't look nearly dark enough in the paint can), but I think the shade difference turned out perfectly!

Getting this mural done, and the crib set up has really gotten the both of us motivated to get the nursery completed and ready for his arrival. We still have a couple big pieces to find! I can't wait for it to be finished and to show all of you little Addison's nursery (I'm about 97% sure that's what his name will be...ha). It's a work in progress...but we're getting there!!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


Laura said...

I absolutely LOVE this!!! Glad to know you have a projector, too. :) This is so so cute and I love that it will easily translate even if the room isn't a nursery someday. Superb crafty friend!

jen smith said...

it looks so beautiful!!

Joyce Dy said...

Hi there, came across your blog and the graphics just jumped at me. Love it. Also, your husband did a great job on the mural. Been looking for ideas for the kids room... Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!