Friday, February 19, 2010

Another project finished!!

Going along with the whole "Woodland" theme, Russ and I combined our brain powers and came up with this fun little idea for an ottoman! I basically created a slip cover that is over an ottoman we bought at Target. The woodgrain fabric is from the talented designer Joel Dewberry. It fits perfectly for what we had in mind. I embroidered the rings on a piece of white corduroy I had laying around, and then the leaves are scraps from the fabric I used for the turtle. Once I figured out how I wanted to make it, it really came together relatively easy...thank the good Lord for that :)

So my dear dear friend Melissa posted a fun little survey on her blog yesterday about her pregnancy. She is 16 weeks, due in August!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be pregnant along with some of my best girl friends! I cannot wait til our babies are toddlers, and we can have play dates all the time!! I loved her survey so much, and get asked a lot of these questions, so I decided to copy her great idea (hope you don't mind Melissa...ha), and fill out the survey myself!

How Far Along?
37 weeks, and 6 days!

How Big is Baby?
According to our midwife, Mavis, at last week's appointment she was guessing 6 1/2 pounds...yikes!

Gender? Bouncing Baby Boy :)

Weight Gained So Far? I respectfully decline to answer this one...lets just say I've never weighed this much before in my life! haha.

Maternity Clothes?
Really the only piece of Maternity clothing I own are jeans with the full panel. They're pretty comfy. Although as soon as I get home from work, the first thing I do is put on my comfy clothes...ha.

Stretch Marks?
Ugh...I wish I could say No, but sadly I must say! I did everything I was told...lotioned my big ole belly up 2 - 3 times a day with coco butter lotion, and still have stretch marks. Anyone know how to get rid of them after baby is born?!

I'd be doing great in the sleep department if it weren't for my dang hands!!! Because I'm swollen like a marshmallow at this point, all of the fluid in my hands and wrists is putting pressure on the nerves, causing my fingers to go numb. And then at night, my hands are throbbing. All I have to say is this had better go away once baby gets here, cause I cannot handle this!

Best Moment of the Week?
Hmmm...We found our pediatrician?! It's actually a HUGE relief to have that nailed less thing to think about :)

Any Movement?
TONS!! It's the craziest thing feeling and seeing this guy move around in there. Every once in awhile, while sitting on the couch we'll see this massive movement from one side to the other. It's kinda strange when you really think about it. And although sometimes it's a bit annoying (like at night time when I'm trying to sleep), it's always comforting.

Looking Forward To?
Seeing our sweet boy's face for the first time! We're getting so close!!!

Embarrassing Pregnancy Moment?
Every day is embarrassing. My belly is my food catcher, my brain really doesn't work properly, and I waddle. I'm a waddling disaster...haha.

Thanks for reading...and enjoy your weekend friends!


Grace said...

To answer your question about getting rid of stretch marks... I got some on the sides of my belly just at the very end of the pregnancy...ughh! I had a friend tell me that she had been putting vitamin E oil under her eyes and on the back of her hands for years to help keep there youth. So I started trying it and put it on my stretch marks after our son was born. I am not kidding they were gone withing a couple of months. The indentations are still there a little bit but the coloring has evened out. Just a thought!

tamara said...

Hey sis,you are absolutely amazing & you have such an amazing talent. I am jealous. Addison's nursery will be out of this world when it is all done if it isn't already. Seriously, you could have such a profitable business if you wanted to because you are gifted & people will pay for your creativity. You make things that are full of inspiration.

jill louise said...

Thanks Grace...I'll DEFINITELY have to check the Vitamin E oil thing out!!

And thanks so much for your encouragment're the best! Love you!

Jessica said...

You're so cute, you don't even know! I also love the ottoman.