Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I heart fabric...

I think I could browse fabrics all day every day. I cannot describe how or why I find textiles so appealing...they just are! One of my favorite fabric designers is the lovely Anna Maria Horner. She created the lovely yellow flannel, and the divine floral fabric. Not only does she create beautiful fabrics, but she lives in Nashville, has 6 kids (i'm one of six...wink) and has the sweetest blog. Anna, if for some random crazy reason you happen to stumble across my blog, and read this post, I love your work and you are a true inspiration!

I cannot wait to work with this fabric! The flannel and stripes (stripes designed by another of my favorite designers Heather Bailey. Her fabrics are to die for, and you should check her out!) are all lined up for top secret nursery projects...ha. Regarding the floral, I have still to come up with a good project for this gem. I have this really BAD habit of buying fabric without a project in mind...any suggestions? Unfortunately I only have a half a yard, so the possibilities are somewhat limited.

I finished my last bunny order last night...HALLELUJAH! This one has been quite the challenge since this carpal tunnel has set in. By the end of the night my hands were throbbing!

I really love this little lady though, and she was worth the challenge. I love the colors and just how she turned out in general. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get great pictures because of my silly camera, but you get the idea.

Well that's it for today. 24 days and counting...woohoo!

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Jenny {Liberty and Lace} said...

i see some curtains coming!!!!