Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting my birds in a row...

Remember a LONG time ago when I posted about how I wanted to make this Bird Mobile I found a pattern for on Spool Sewing? I've finally gotten some fabrics together (thanks to my favorite local fabric store, Textile Fabrics!) and started on the birdie mobile for our little buddies room!

I just really love these little birdies, and I cannot wait to complete the project...branches and all, and hung above our sweet boy's crib (with him in it of course)! Overall I'd say the bird pattern was pretty easy to follow. I went ahead and re-sized the pattern a little larger, cause the smaller birds were a little tricky to sew, turn and stuff. If you're going to try this pattern (which I highly recommend), I'd do a few test runs with some scrap fabric first.

In the midst of sewing and stuffing birds, I decided to go ahead and complete another project for our little man...his very first Come&Live! onesie!!

How amazing is this wood grain fabric from Joel Dewberry?! I'm in love, and it totally goes along with our whole wood animals/forest theme for the little guy's room. We're planning on painting the mural of the birch trees this weekend, and hopefully will get his crib all set up as well! It's slowly but surely coming together! All that's left furniture-wise to get is a dresser to use as the changing table (I'm having quite a difficult time finding something within our budget...so if you have any leads, I'd love to hear em!), and then a low book shelf to put under 2 windows in the room. Then it's just adding the final touches to make his room the perfect little space :)

Besides working on baby room projects, I've still been keeping myself pretty busy taking orders for baby booties, hats, and various other things. Camo was the name of the game for these 2 orders of button loafers. The first pair were a little trickier, due to the design of the pattern, but I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out...

I love creating...period. Whether it's for our little guy, for friends, for friends' babies, orders off etsy...it's just so satisfying to see someone completely enjoy something that you've put together. If I had it my way, I think I would be crafting all day every day, haha. I have so many different projects and ideas swirling around in my brain. One day I hope to get to each and every one of them. What are you working on these days?

We had our first (and only) birthing class all day this past Saturday. I went into it expecting a lack luster teacher, just going through the motions, hoping for the day to fly by. Instead we were delighted to have an amazing teacher, Ms. Carol. Carol is a labor and delivery nurse, and lactation consultant. She was so sweet, and thorough, and you could really tell she LOVED her job! We watched countless videos that caused me to cry several times...from sheer terror of what's to come (ha), but also from the thought of how incredibly AMAZING it will be when I finally see this little man face to face. All in all, I know the pain, discomfort, and weight gain (hehe) will be well worth it. After we "graduated" we were able to take a tour of the labor and delivery, and recovery wings of Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. The rooms are definitely better then some I've seen, and we were given the distinct pleasure to see a first time dad grinning from ear to ear as he and a nurse rolled his brand new baby down the hallway. Thinking about it, puts tears in my eyes.

We're getting close folks...52 days and counting till baby day!!

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Jenny {Liberty and Lace} said...

aw, I can't wait to see his room! I've been freaking out (that's a little dramatic) about if I have a boy how I will decorate. I think I figured it out but who knows....I might have already bought some girl shabby chic bedding just in case :). Let's get together soon, our babies should kick eachother :) (crazy, we can already feel the baby kick with hands on my tummy and I'm 16 wks....I think it's gonna be early like lib). Love you, let me know if I can help you with anything! And just remember to let your excitement win out over fear when you go into labor and you'll do just fine.