Monday, February 8, 2010

More pieces to the nursery puzzle!

As promised...I have a few more pieces to little man's nursery to share with you!! I don't know what got into me this weekend, but I was definitely EXTRA motivated this weekend to finish a few projects. There are still a good handful or so left to complete...but we're getting there!!

I used left over fabric from the birds I made for the bird mobile to make this little pillow for the rocker. I've been wanting to make something with bobble trim FOREVER!! It's definitely not nearly as easy to work with as I thought it would be, but I think it adds such a sweet little touch to something as simple as a pillow. How adorable would it look added to the edge of a tea towel or apron?! I plan on finding out :)

I think I've made an elephant or bunny for almost everyone else but our little guy...haha. So glad to have him and a little Finnegan fox finished and ready to be snuggled and played with!

This is a variation of Amy Butler's flower pillow design (I'd love to share the link with you, but her website doesn't seem to be working right now). I've made several of the flower pillows for nieces, and what not, but I don't really think a flower would do for a little boys room. So with a little inspiration from my husband's love for turtles, I took a stab at creating one. Turtles can be found in the woods too...right? I really love how the shell turned out. The hexagon shell (made up of various different texturized fabrics) and corduroy trim turned out better then I could have even hoped! It was a bit on the difficult side to work poor hands took a beating trying to get this guy together, but totally worth it! I'm not quite as happy with how the head, legs, and tail turned out. I love the white corduroy, but wish I would have made these pieces a little bigger. Depending on how much it continues to bother me, and whether or not I actually have time, I might have to go back and make an adjustment there...we'll see. Haha.

I finished my deer head cross stitch piece!!! I could not put this thing down all weekend. Any spare moments I had were accompanied by little x's. This is the first and really only piece for a collage of art we're planning on hanging on the wall where the changing table will go. Still trying to figure out what the other pieces will be though...I'd LOVE to hear your ideas!!

And this is me...the ongoing 40 week project...hehe. We're at 35 weeks and counting, puffy face, hands, feet and all! Now I don't mean to complain, cause this pregnancy really has been relatively easy compared to some, but somewhere around week 33 the true discomfort everyone told me about started to settle in and make it's home in my body. I'm currently at that point where my physical body would like this baby to be born tomorrow, so I can start the process of getting back to normal (whatever that means..ha). But the rest of me still needs a little time. I keep asking little Addi to give me at least another 2 weeks, so I can finish his you think he's listening? I have this odd feeling that he's going to come early. Now whether that's because I'm afraid he will come and I won't have everything ready for him, or motherly intuition, I do not know, but either way, when it comes down to it, Russ and I truly cannot wait to see our little guy face to face! I actually had a dream last night that I saw Addison...and it wasn't one of those weird dreams where our baby is an animal or strange looking creature. I had just given birth to him, and they were cleaning him up under one of those heat lamps. He looked like a normal, adorable little newborn with one of those little beanies on. That's really been my first glimpse of what it might be like the day he gets here. I get a little teary eyed thinking about how it will feel to finally give birth to our son, and have him in my arms, his face just an inch or two away from mine...gosh, I cannot wait!!!

Well that's it for today on the nursery and all things pregnancy. Thank you for putting up with all things baby that this blog has evolved into over the last 8 months or so!

Enjoy your Monday!!

ps - The non-profit (Come&Live!) my husband has helped to start has finally finished the last phase of their website...woohoo!! Please go check it out


Tanglewood Clothing, LLC said...

You're so amazingly talented and absolutely beautiful. I love you and you are my best friend. I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

Jenny {Liberty and Lace} said...

Loving his room! If you need shopping partners to get art inspiration I know of 4 girls who would be thrilled to go with you! :) My dreams consist of random people trying to assassinate me.....not very restful sleep. I'm sure Addison will give you at least 2 more weeks! Seriously savor these last moments in this life b/c it will never be the same again! It's hard b/c youre so excited though huh!?

Sandra said...

love it love it! i especially love the turtle pillow and think you could just put eyes on the turtle's head and not do anything else : ) i also especially love the belly!! yay...can't wait!!!!!i love you jille boo!

Jennifer said...

Jill! It looks absolutely beautiful! I love all the little pieces that you are so lovingly crafting for your baby :) You look great :) Enjoy these last few weeks before he comes and it's babymoon chaos :)

Dawn Dudley said...

Enjoy these last few weeks with russ!! Soon your life will take on a whole new meaning. It's amazing!!

Colleen said...

A. You look so ADORABLE. I love that big belly, and the rest of you looks teeny and cute.

B. The birch trees are gorgeous.

C. Love that fox. I want to make one.

D. I have oodles of random bobble trim too, and never found a good reason to use it. Apron is a great idea!

E. Completely in love with the deer cross stitch. Why is cross stitching soo fun? Did you use a pattern on that one or just make it up?

happyhearts said...

how adorable! kylie & matt said the baby room looks amazing. i know you'll fill it with cute handmade crafts. can't wait for your little man to see it!

annalou said...

I LOVE the elephant! have you posted how-to's on that guy yet?