Thursday, February 25, 2010

Celebrate the Boy!

With so many cute tutorials on how to make little girl things out there, I've been so excited that this month, one of my favorite blogs to read, MADE, has been posting tutorials on cute things to make for little boys!!! Here are some of my favorites so far...

{picture via omi creates}

I am SO into stripes of late. Stripes on me, stripes for our baby...i just love STRIPES! I must admit I'm a little afraid of working with knit fabric, but I'm determined to try this sweet onesie out!

the 90 min Shirt
from MADE

{image via MADE}

Dana's little boy is just the cutest!!! This is probably going to be the first project I try. I also love how Dana repurposes adult clothing to make stuff for her little ones...I know i've mentioned her before, but if you haven't checked out her blog or her tutorials, and you sew and have little ones...she's a must read!

The Slim Slack
from This Mama Makes Stuff

{image via This Momma Makes Stuff}

Just came across this tutorial this morning, and am seriously in LOVE with the idea of making little skinny pants for our little guy. They just look so cute on these kiddos, and I cannot wait to make a pair! This is the first I've been introduced to This Momma Makes Stuff, and am already in amazement at her skills! Carrie also does a lot of her crafting by repurposing clothing, bedding etc. I definitely plan on browsing her blog and finding more fun things to make for our little buddy.

So many amazing things to little time :)
Happy Thursday!

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