Thursday, August 9, 2012


I have to be honest...when Addison was born, I was pretty nervous about bringing him home and introducing him to our boxer.  As some of you may know, boxers are very high energy.  They jump up, get in your face, and can be rough without really meaning to be.  I was so nervous that when we got home with our newborn, Bodhi would try to jump on him, sniff him to death, sit on him...I played a million scenarios over in my head.  Our dogs are our babies too, and the thought of having to give our adorable loving boxer away because he was to rough, made me sad. 

But to our very pleasant surprise, Bodhi has been quite the opposite of my fears.  He has been as gentle as ever with Addison from day one.  And not only has he been so gentle, but he has put up with just about everything that Addison has done to him.

 Addison can stick his hands in Bodhi's mouth and eyes.  Tackle him, grab him, jump on him, sit on him, squish him.

  He can really do just about anything to this dog without so much as bark.  I've seen Addison take food out of Bodhi's bowl while he's eating.  I've seen Addison grab bones, balls, and chewing toys out of Bodhi's mouth.   This dog has dealt with it all! But he also plays with Addison.  He chases Addison when he wants to be chased,  let's Addison snuggle with him, and will even let A read him a story or two :)


This is by no means a profound post.  I just wanted to brag on our dog for a second :)

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bechangeuwish2see said...

They both are soooo stinking cute!!! I love the pictures. Every single one! And they def deserve some bragging :) I LOVE boxers. I could just squeeze his face!! So happy for you <3