Monday, September 21, 2009

It's going to be a lovely week!

Today has been uncommonly pleasant for a Monday...

Reason #1
Russ and I fought the urge to stay in bed an extra 45 min, and took the pups on our morning walk. We've been doing our best to make this a daily occurrence, so I can stay healthy while this bump gets bigger and bigger! It was a little damp, but cool and lovely! Russ and I don't always get a chance throughout our days to spend quality alone time, so it's really been such fun getting to spend a half hour or so strolling through Shelby bottoms when no one else is around! Plus...the pups are just too cute on our walks. Bodhi is extremely alert, perking up at every rustle in the trees and call of a bird, while Jake prances along, continuously sniffing, and marking everything in site. We love our dogs!

Reason #2
Shortly after getting into work this morning, a friend told me that one of my pieces had been featured on Etsy's home page!!

Thank You Rachel Briggs for being so kind to take a screen shot for me!

That's me, bottom left image! I don't exactly know how I was "handpicked" but it certainly has been making my day! Shameless plug, but if you'd like to see a few more pieces I have up for sale, check them out on my etsy!

Reason #3
Baby pictures! Not mine yet, of course..ha, but our relative (husband's, sister-in-law's, brother's wife...that complicated enough for you?) Molly tagged me in a couple photos of her newborn baby boy Titus, as he was wearing some booties I had made...

Rachel Debell is an amazing photographer, and Titus is just about the cutest subject and model there could possibly be. That last picture is really too much for words!! I'm hoping that our pups love our new little one as much as Charlie loves Titus!!

...and if the rest of this week is anything like's going to be a lovely week!

Hope yours is just as lovely!

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