Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's a crazy thing...

...this pregnancy thing.

I have to admit...I had a bit of a melt down yesterday. I've just come to the realization (here at just about 16 weeks) that this body is not mine least for the next 6 months or so. The bump is growing...but depending on what I'm may just look like I've "let myself go" ha. Everyone tells you, "it's're supposed to gain weight", but it's easy to forget those words the first time you go shopping, and everything just makes you look frumpy. I know most preggo women probably go through these feelings at some point (at least I hope they do, and I'm not just plain ole crazy..ha) so I guess I just need to keep reminding myself, that every day this bump gets bigger, means I'm one day closer to a sweet little baby face to have and hold, and love forever!

We have our second appointment tomorrow with lovely Mavis the Midwife! I think it will still be too early to tell the sex of the baby, but I'm hoping we'll at least get to hear the baby's heartbeat (as long as he/she doesn't hide again). I would be ecstatic though to find out what we're having. Girlfriend's ready to start making baby things!! Here's what I've got on my list of "To Makes" so far...

{Manda Ruth Cardigan by Jane Richmond}

{Mary Janes and/or Button Loafers by Sylvia Schuchardt}

{Knit Chickens (I'm particularly in love with the smaller striped chicken) by Susan B Anderson)

{Octopus by Tricia Keffer}

{Elephant or Bunny by Ysolda Teague}

I think the little bean will be more then covered on the stuffed animal front ;)

Hope you're having a good one!


jen smith said...

it's true! dressing an in-between body is a difficult thing. being a hater of all things maternity, i have only a few tips.
1) wear your normal pants with a bella band for as long as possible. you'll thank me for that one when you can't even get them past your ever-widening hips :)
2) at target (or american apparel) they have cotton foldover topped skirts that are great as bottoms, but even better as cute tube tops once you're big!
otherwise, just revel in the fact that you have NOT let yourself go, and everyone else can suck it! (pardon my french, pregnancy also gave me an attitude :)

elizabeth ann said...

i second what Jen said! and count your blessings that the bulk of your pregnancy is going to be in the colder months...i've read that pregnant women are 10 degrees hotter than everyone else! this summer was miserableeee and still is. other than that, i suggest wearing form-fitting things as much as possible, which you've probably already figured out. even if your little bump looks more like a pot belly at this it off and everyone will more than likely assume your pregnant rather than just letting yourself go. now lets see some pics of that little belly!

ps: i've gained close to 40 pounds and i still have 4 weeks to go. as much as i dread stepping on the scale at the doctor's office, everyone tells me i don't look like i've gained any weight (aside from the stomach, of course.) so even if the climbing scale freaks you out, it probably isn't showing as much on your body as you think!