Friday, September 11, 2009


The morning sickness is over!!! (knock on wood..ha). Thanks for all of you sweet friends who have asked how I'm feeling. I'm finally getting to the point where I don't feel like hurling all the time, and I'm actually hungry again, and am starting to get some energy back. It's good to be able to stay up til at least 10 or 10:30 again ;)

I made it through my first weekend of being home alone without the hubby and preggo. It is NOT fun! I used to go weeks...even months without seeing Russ when he was a tour manager, and never has a weekend been so hard as this past one. Needless to say I have new respect for all of you wonderful moms and wives who have traveling hubbies! I feel your pain!

I tried to keep myself busy with crafting, cleaning and hanging with friends, and did manage to complete a couple bunnies for one of my nieces and one for a friend

i just love making these little dears :)

I must say though, that when Russ came back from the festival, it was all worth my brief weekend of sadness. God did so many amazing things at this festival, it was incredible to hear about it all...

Chad Johnson (founder of C&L! ) speaking to the crowds

Come&Live! Booth

On another note, the fair will be in Nashville, TN this weekend through the 22nd! I LOVE fairs!!! I love looking at all of the animals, crafts, and Pies! eating fair food (that is aweful for you, but who's the fair!), I would love to ride rides, but I guess I'll have to forgo this year. It's cheap awesome fun...and I cannot wait!
Here's to a fantastic weekend!

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