Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I want to open up one of these...

By now I'm sure you've noticed that Design*Sponge is one of my favorite blog reads. Today they posted the most amazing cafe EVER (at least to me it is). Moomah is a creative arts cafe located in Tribeca Manhattan! At this very moment (and only ever this moment) I wish we lived in Manhattan so I could visit this crafty, quaint coffee house every day!

{all images via design*sponge}

I cannot handle how amazing this place is! It's comfy, cozy, and they have all things crafty. This is my absolute open up a little coffee shop like this one. I love it! Their description on their website says it all...

{via Moomah}

Yes friends...this is my new long term goal. Whose with me!
Hope you're having a beautiful day!

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Laura said...

I'm with you! That place is so freaking awesome. Definitely going there next time I'm in NYC!!!