Tuesday, June 9, 2009

oh how i wish i were a printer...

I cannot put my thumb on it, but there is something about a letter-pressed piece of art that is so incredibly delightful. While reading one of my favorite blogs Poppytalk I came across the most amazing giveaway...
{via poppytalk}

Kelly from Paper Stories (an absolutely amazing, quaint letterpress shop) held a letterpress swap, and is now sharing her spoils with 3 lucky winners...i'm truly hoping one of them will be me :).

It was so hard to pick just 2 prints out of all of the amazing works, but here's what I chose:

Golden Folksy Floral Rosette
by Night Owl Paper Goods

{via Bon Vivant Press}

What an absolutely perfect print. The contrast of the delicate and intricate golden flower and wooden background surrounding the print are exquisite. I am currently imagining it against my grass green walls, and am in love!

Teapots & Loops
By Paper Stories

{via Bon Vivant Press}

I love the colors used in this unique and fun print. How perfect would this be for a tea party invitation for yourself or a little girl?! I just love the playfulness of it all.

Be sure to check out the giveaway at Poppytalk and all of the prints at Bon Vivant Press' flickr.
Happy Tuesday!

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