Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello my long lost blog

It's been awhile!

We're in our 4th week of life with Addison, and I cannot believe it! It feels like just yesterday that we brought our sweet, tiny, fragile baby home with us. This morning I decided to play dress up with the little guy, and try on his sweater I made him. I had to roll the sleeves up a touch...but it's so close to fitting!! Too bad he probably won't get a whole lot of use out of it...guess I'll just have to make him a bigger one for the Fall :)

It's kind of late to be giving you the stats from him 2 week appointment (now that we're almost at 4weeks), but as of April 9th he was 10lb 2.5 oz, and 22 1/4", in the 90 - 95th percentile for height and weight! I think we have a biggin!

Let's see...what else has Mr. Addison been up to lately...his umbilical cord fell off yesterday. How silly is it that that was the hi-light of my day?! Ha. I was beyond giddy. I think I also caught a glimmer of a smile from him this morning when I rescued him from his bassinet :) It's truly been such a treat seeing this little guy grow and learn how to do new things.

Oh yea...I have a new style of baby booties to share with you! Though spare time has been limited, during naps I've managed to whip up a pair of these new booties. The pattern says their moccasins, but I think they look more like Clarks. What do you think?

Well...unfortunately that's all the time I have for now. The little mister beckons :)

I hope you're getting a chance to enjoy the beautiful spring weather!!
Lots of Love!

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jessica kiehn said...

you are a little knitting pro! Or is that crochet? Either way, LOVE this style...sooo cute!