Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guess the cocktail worked...

So as you may have guessed...our handsome baby Addi finally made his way into our world, Friday, March 26th at 5:15am...weighing in at 9.7lbs and 21.5"!! It was a long process, and unfortunately the birth plan didn't go how we wanted at all really, but that's all over now, and totally worth having our sweet little man here! I want to share our "birth story", but seeing as how my days are currently measured in 2-3 hr increments, that'll have to wait for another break...ha.

Being a mother has been the most natural, amazing thing I've experienced so far. And to go along with that, Russ has seriously been the most amazing Dad. There is nothing more amazing and heart warming, then seeing your best friend and husband, holding your son. Seriously...words cannot explain.

Just wanted to share a couple of my favorite pictures so far of little mister...

...There's plenty more where that came from :)

Hope you're enjoying your day!!


Kiki said...

what a cutie! Congrats on your baby and your new journey into motherhood.
I love your blog its very creative and I cant wait to see how that is going to tie in with being a new mommy.. all too exciting.
Best of luck to you & God Bless.

morganplex said...

I love him! I can't wait to hopefully get him and Boone together at some point maybe this summer!