Monday, April 5, 2010

10 day old shmunkin...

Dear Addison...

You are 10 days old today, and I really cannot remember what life was like without you. You have been such an incredible source of joy to your Daddy and I. I hope you know how incredibly special you are. I think your pup brothers know how incredibly special you are too. To our complete surprise, they seemed to welcome you into this house, somehow knowing that you belong. Bodhi checks in almost constantly making sure you're ok (sometimes to the point where it annoys mommy...ha), and Jake although not quite as interested, has been seen standing guard while in your bouncy seat. You LOVE your bouncy seat, and are perfectly content looking at the animals on the seat for a couple hours at a time. Have I mentioned how peaceful and content you are?! God truly answered our prayers for a calm baby when He gave you to us. You have been a champion at sleeping at night. Thanks for letting me get 7+ hours of sleep a night (not consecutive just yet, but still...I'll take it). We try to swaddle you real tight, but somehow you magically get your right arm out...every time. You are such a strong boy at 10 days old. You've also started to find your voice. All last night you made the cutest little cooing sounds. I love hearing the sounds you make. Your faces while sleeping are absolutely priceless as well.

Yesterday was your first Easter! We weren't able to make it to church (too many germies for a 9 day old), but we did have a picnic at Shelby park with Aunt Sandy, Uncle Dave, and cousin Coda (who are in town to visit for a week!), and Uncle Nathan and Aunt Katie.

I love you so much my little shmunkin. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, and are loving this new journey!!

Happy 10 days old my little love!

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