Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shakin and a movin...

So I think I may have started to feel the baby shakin and a movin! This is of course my first, so it's been hard to decipher what is baby movements, or just gas...ha. The best way I can describe these random movements is almost like a flick inside of my's rather strange, but oh so exciting if it is in fact the baby!!!

In addition to the possible baby kicks...I continue to get random moments of "this is really happening...there is a little baby growing inside of my belly!". One of those moments came this morning as I was getting dressed. I looked down and what do I see...a rather large bump! It's been easy for me to forget...because I'm not sick or insanely tired anymore, and although I am showing, my belly hasn't really gotten in the way of me doing anything. So far, including the morning sickness, this really has been an easy pregnancy, which I know is a total blessing from God.

I'm starting to get back into knitting and crocheting, now that the weather and leaves are starting to turn. I bought the first 2 balls of yarn for a baby blanket for our little bumpkin! It is the most soft, comfy, wonderful yarn I think I've ever seen or felt! I know I should have waited until next week to actually get the yarn (for color purposes), but I just couldn't resist! It's a lovely soft minty green...and I promise to share pictures with you once I have the blanket finished! I'm also working on baby hats, and adult hats, and of course those adorable baby booties.

My parents will be coming to Nashville this weekend. I am so excited to see and spend time with them. I haven't seen them since July, and I cannot wait for them to see my ever growing bump! We haven't made official plans just yet...anyone have a good idea what to do this weekend in Nashville?

Yay for more day closer to the weekend!

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