Thursday, October 15, 2009

Drum roll please...

...............WE'RE HAVIN A BOY!!!!

...and so stinking excited about it!

It's going to be VERY hard to not buy every little piece of adorable clothing I come across, but I will do my best! I found the pattern for this little sweater awhile ago...I think this will be my first project...
I made Russ an adult version of this sweater last year for Christmas...I can't wait to make our little guy one to match!

Well that's our big news for today :) We're headed down to sunny FLORIDA tomorrow for a wedding! I cannot wait to bury my toes in the sand!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Jenny {Liberty and Lace} said...

yeah! So excited for you, seriously! I think he's going to look like you. He's going to be a hungry little bugger too, look at him sucking his thumb. Can't wait to hold him, babies are amazing.