Monday, August 31, 2009

oh the wait!

we're Pregnant!!! Now all we have to do is wait! ugh...I hate waiting!!! I want to get started on knitting, sewing, painting, creating, but we don't really want do anything until we find out the sex of the baby and can formulate a plan for decorating!! I'm desperately trying to think of something I can start working on in the mean time...suggestions anyone?

Fall is getting it's first pinky toe in the door folks. The hubby and I have committed to taking daily morning walks (my attempt to exercise so I don't blow up like a blimp...ha), and this morning's walk was just perfect. There was a brisk chill in the air calling for a hoodie, that I was MORE then happy to bust out. I could live in weather like we've been having the past few days, for the rest of my life. Chilly evenings, cool mornings, and warm sunny days...perfection!

I must apologize, for I fear that for the next 6 months or so, this will be an all-things-baby-sort-of-blog. Hope you don't mind :)


Jenny {Liberty and Lace} said...

now is the time for research. Educate yourself on all things pregnancy, delivery, and babies. There's so much to learn, that you don't realize you need to learn. I have a ton of books and newsletters and such if you want to borrow some. Research car-seats and strollers, they're important. Birthing plans, vaccinations, circumcisions.....all things to look into. 20 weeks will be here before you know it!

ooh! said...

Don't mind a bit! Can't wait to see all the fun lovelies you create for the wee one.