Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I sat and watched...

I sat and watched as my sweet baby boy slithered around the floor and explored this crazy world around him, opening drawers and cupboards to see what they contained

I sat and watched a determined 10 month old perfect his ability to go from his belly to sitting up even on the slippery hard wood floors

I sat and watched a curious little boy pull out everything in my bedside table, examining every inch of every object he found

I sat and watched chubby little hands reach up to the coffee table and pull himself up for the first time.

I sat and watched as an adventurer carefully cruised his way around his room eventually making it into the living room

I sat and watched as a wide-eyed boy starred into the sky, smiling at the birds as they flew by as if it was the first time he'd ever noticed them.

Somehow, over night, my little baby has turned into a little boy.

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Sandra said...

Did you right this Jill? It's beautiful.