Friday, October 1, 2010

Mom advice needed!

Hey Moms out there...I need some advice!

So we started little man on solids probably about 3 weeks ago. We started with rice and oatmeal cereal, and tried for about a week or so, but he really just didn't seem all that interested, so we took a week break. We started back up this week, but still no progress. I've started carrots at a second feeding, just in case he really wasn't interested in the cereal, but we haven't had much luck with that either. It seems like he still has that tongue thrust reflex (where he pushes everything out of his mouth with his tongue). Whenever I put a bite in his mouth, he makes this weird face, and then just lets it sit in his mouth til it falls's a site to see...haha. Should I just stop with the food and wait another week or so before we try again? Or do I just keep at it, offering it to him every day? I don't want to rush this, but I have to be honest, it's getting a little frustrating. I feel like all of the babies around his age (6 months), or even younger are picking it up right away! Have any of you other moms dealt this this?



jessica kiehn said...

i say let him dictate the pace. When we first started with Ruby she did the same thing. (although we started her straight on solids...the Baby Led Weaning method - look it up! We love it!)
And remember...6 months is just a generality. There's no law that little A has to be eating solids by this time. If he's not ready, he's not ready. Just do it as often as you feel comfortable with, but often enough he can get familiar with it. No rush!

The Farrar's said...

Try making the food warmer. Easton did the same thing. I tried making it different every time- thicker, thinner, hotter, colder, till I finally got it right. He prefers it really warm. But really, he'll eat when he's ready. If he's satisfied with your milk, that's all he needs right now.

You're doing a great job!

The Pepper. said...

Do whatever feels best for you're little one! After several discussions on starting solids with our pediatrician, we waited until she was six months old (instead of 4 months like other prefer) and only gave Adrienne rice cereal with some of my milk for a whole week before starting on Earth's Best 1st Foods.
Every baby, parent, and doctor are different when it comes to this topic so all you can do is try different ways out until you get it right.

Elizabeth said...

My two cents..:
When I first fed Maren cereal at a tender 4 months old she ate it right up! It was later, when I tried it again and she hated it, that I realized she ate it up the first time because I had mixed it with breast milk (as recommended.) I wasn't into the idea of pumping just to feed her cereal so we waited awhile and tried again around 6 months. She sometimes took it and sometimes didn't. It's very frustrating when they won't eat and you feel like you are wasting perfectly good food!

If Addison is still doing the tongue thrust thing I would say he isn't quite ready and give him a few more weeks. Definitely keep trying new flavors until he finds something he really likes! And be prepared because his tastes will change...Maren loved carrots the first time I gave them to her then refused them a month later. Now she eats anything and everything so take heart and know he will get the hang of it soon! May-May didn't really start eating solids regularly until probably 7 or 8 months. Like your other mom-friends said, as long as he's getting breast milk he's getting enough nourishment. :)

sarahhenderson said...

i'm not a mom but i worked in the infant room in a daycare for 2 years and saw all kinds of eaters. some who loved it and some who pushed it out.
i agree with others that you can just let him tell you when he's ready, but my advice if you want to work with him on keeping it in the mouth..i always put the spoon in and kind of kept it in until they slowly took in the food. i felt that it kind of trained their tongue to not push it out but to take the time to eat it. it usually works and eventually they get it, and just keep the food in. good luck