Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!!

Little man turned 6 months old yesterday! Woohoo!

I just cannot get enough of this sweet baby boy. I feel like almost every day he's doing something new. He babbles non-stop, which is pretty darn cute if you ask me. And he's pretty much sitting up all by himself these days :) We're still working on the eating table food thing. It's not really going as well as I would have hoped. Anyone have any good tips?

We had a couple firsts last week!

Thursday night, we went to Live on the Green at the Public Square in downtown Nashville, where the Wailers headlined. Addison did GREAT! He was completely mesmerized by everything going on. Live on the Green is yet another reason why we LOVE Nashville. It's a free event held on Thursdays. If you live in the Nashville area check out for information on what they've got lined up!

Addison also went to his very first Hockey game!! This Mommy and Daddy LOVE Hockey...and I think little buddy will be following in our footsteps :)

(I made the boys matching Predators it!)

So I've had this really fun yarn from Debbie Bliss in my stash for awhile, just waiting for the perfect project! And this weekend I figured out what I wanted to make...knitted baby pants!! I started looking around for patterns, but then decided to go ahead and just wing it. I finished them this morning, and tried them on the little guy...

This little guy makes anything you put on him look adorable...ha.

My pattern definitely needs a little adjustment, but I'm pretty pleased at how they turned out for my first pair of pants :)

On a sad note, I have had to take a step back from I messed up my ankle a bit, and am now waiting for it to heal before I can get back into my groove.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and enjoy this week ahead of you!


Chelsea said...

omg, what a sweet little baby. love those green knitted pants.

Bridget said...

so cute- and i love the log pillow thing!

chelsea {oh, my deer!} said...

jill! those pants are INCREDIBLE! you're unbelievable. ;)

S and R said...

Oooh! What a cute little fellow! And I love the log pillow....where did you get it from?
Tone @