Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is my one hundredth post!!

Shame on me for letting so much time pass between posts!

We just got back from a wonderful little break in TX with Russ' family. I am happy to announce that it was a completely successful first trip with the baby!! In typical Addison style, he was an absolute peach all week! Poor thing had to endure 4 flights, and several hours in a car (we drove to Lubbock from Dallas for a wedding), and we barely heard a whimper out of him. It was a great little break for me as well! I love spending every day with this little guy, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't need a break. It was so nice coming down each morning to a group of people just waiting to take the little man off my hands and snuggle with him. And I can't tell you how sweet it is to see the joy on everyone's faces as they played with him. His cousins Henslee and Layla Grayce were extra attentive...So cute!!!

So while in TX, Addison celebrated his 4 month birthday!!! We had to take the picture a week late, but here he is...

Really?! 4 months already? He is up to quite a bit these days...Rolling over (which made me really nervous when he started rolling over and sleeping on his belly), learning different sounds, and he's starting to giggle. We're not quite at the full on belly laugh just yet...but definitely getting close. I feel like I'm constantly trying to do things to make him laugh...I just want to hear it SO bad!!

I've got a lot of crafting on my plate!!! A store in TX has decided to carry the baby booties I make...yipeee!! It's a good thing I like to crochet, cause I'll be doing A LOT of that ;) Speaking of which, I should probably get to it.

Hope you're enjoying this HOT HOT day!

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