Thursday, December 17, 2009


That is how I feel right now...thankful, thankful, thankful.

Some of you may know that we got a bit of bad news at our last sonogram 3 weeks ago. The ureters connecting the kidneys to the bladder are not draining properly, causing little mister's kidneys to dilate. I got a call from our midwife Mavis the day after our sonogram, and was told we would need to see a specialist to further assess the situation. My heart sank into my boots after that phone call. No one wants to hear that there is something wrong with your baby, or that you have to go see a "specialist". There's something about that title, at this point in the pregnancy that is just insanely scary.

Our appointment with the specialist was set for yesterday, December 16th. I tend to worry (which really gets me nowhere), So the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster to say the least. But God has remained faithful throughout it comfort and peace in abundance when needed.

The appointment was yesterday, and I cannot tell you what a HUGE relief and burden has been lifted off of our shoulders. The dilation in the kidneys has gone down!!! At this age the cut off for a normal sized kidney is about 4mm. 5mm - 10mm is considered mild, but anything beyond that is when they really start to get worried. Our little guys' kidneys were measuring 11mm three weeks ago, but measured 6mm yesterday...meaning that the severity of the condition is pretty mild. Dr. Boehm (our specialist) told us that technically the condition is called Hydronephrosis, but it is so mild in our little guy that he said he wouldn't even call it that. Instead he rattled off some strange concoction of words, calling it that...haha. Everything else looks normal and healthy...thank you Lord!

So we have another appointment in 4 weeks to have another sonogram to check up on the kidneys, and to have a consultation with a pediatric your prayers for our little guy are still definitely appreciated!

We are so thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers, and even more thankful for God's provision in every way. I'll keep you posted on all things baby H...we're only 3 months away!!!

Lots of Love,


Sandra said...

Jill I'm so glad, and relieved for you guys. We love the little guy already.

jen smith said...

oh, Praise the Lord! that is such wonderful news.
we will continue to pray for that sweet little pea! :)